µ 01: of desperate times x desperate measures

You all noticed - at least I do hope so - that life has changed dramatically during the last days. Cultural events were cancelled, stores are about to close (but of course no food shops - please stop with all that senseless panic buying!), states shutting down their borders and so on. Though these measures seem radical I guess we all are aware - and for the second time I hope you’re doing so - that they’re absolutely necessary to avoid further damage - both economically and more important health-wise.


To make the home office (are you reading this during your work time? - shame on you!!) and spare time in domestic quarantine more bearable people are getting quite creative. Desperate times, desperate measures? In fact, it isn’t that desperate. We see both big institutions and individuals doing live stream concerts online. Other forms of home entertainment are evolving (take this Netflix!).


So what could I do? On the one hand I would like to add something to the palette and on the other hand there is of course still the urge to do something which feels at least a little creative. In a little more than one week we’re releasing the second album with my ensemble - µ: of anxiety x discernment. So, yeeaaaah, let’s do a live concert online. Unfortunately, it’s quite tough to organize this with the bulk of people we are and a burned off moneybag: most big institutions we used to rehearse are closed, some of the musicians went into exile (Ola amigo Matteo!) and actually doing this live concert: in some states we would exceed the allowed extend of a crowd of people, haha….


So anyways, what I thought is doing this - a blog. Yeah, it’s a little 2010-ish. But maybe it gives something to somebody, even if it’s just me. I’m not pretty sure which form this blog will assume. I thought of giving some insights into the tracks of the album that is coming up, presenting some of the music I’ve checked out lately, doing some mind games about current affairs (please do not forget what’s happening in other parts of the world right now - at the Greek-Turkish borders there is still the worst happening for hundreds of people!!), talk to people (I also thought of doing kind of a podcast, but nobody want’s to hear English with Saxon sing-song dialect, I’m pretty sure).


How do I want to combine all those subjects? I have no clue yet. I think I even have to evaluate in which language I want to do this (yes, there are rumors that people from outside my practicing room are listening to the music I do). I’m thinking of posting here every Wednesday from today on. So it’s kind of a trial and error thing. Maybe it’s just one entry, maybe two. Let’s see.


Desperate times, desperate measures? Maybe this situation we’re all in leads to some kind of deceleration and a more in-depth view towards some of the stuff we’re surrounded with. And maybe those little thoughts can do something to it. As with the album I do not want to write about anxiety but against it.


Stay healthy everybody, act emphatically and respectfully and take care of each other - I'm sure it will all work out.



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