17/09/29 - Release: A Forward-Facing Review


I am tremendously cheerful that my first solo EP „A Forward-Facing Review“ is released today on Denovali Records.

The EP consists of the same name composition written, recorded and produced between February and July 2017 - during my stay at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.


This EP opens up a new musical chapter for me, since it is the first result coming from the idea of having influence in every part of the process a piece of music is going through -  from the first sketch to the final audio. The composition is divided in two parts where I wanted to explore sound in different shapes and aspects as well as its modulation by just a few parameters. Furthermore, I tried to integrate my pianistic approach into this sonic language and working processes, which are new for me.


There were some people involved in realizing this EP, which have to be named here: 

Thanks to everybody who evaluated this music in different phases of its process, especially Matti Oehl, Markus Rom, Arpen and everybody at RMC, Copenhagen. Special thanks to August Rosenbaum, Anders Bach, Nikolaj Hess and Valgeir Sigurðsson for supporting the first steps of this project with outstanding dedication. Also big thanks to Markus Abendroth at Abendroth Mastering for the awesome work and to Denovali for giving me the oppurtunity to release this music - which originally started as being my Bachelor project.


The EP is released as a limited vinyl edition with a handprinted silkscreened B-side and digitally.


You can listen to parts of the record here: www.denovali.com/philipprumsch

You can order your phyical copy here: www.denovali.com/store

Download (mp3+wav+flac): www.denovali.com/digitalstore


Thank you everybody,



17/09/06 - New Label, releases and website


Philipp is happy to announce, that he is becoming part of the Denovali artist roster.  From now on, the German label will release his works. They embark their collaboration with the release of A Forward-Facing Review - a twenty-minute long electroacoustic composition, written during his last months at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. In contrast to his previous work, Philipp is responsible for both composition and sound design / mixing. Danish artists Anders Bach and August Rosenbaum as well as Icelandic composer, sound designer and multiinstrumentalist Valgeir Sigurðsson supported him in producing A Forward-Facing Review.

The composition will be released on the same-named EP on 29.09 on Vinyl and digital. Thomas Hack from Denovali made an extraordinary artwork for the vinyl which will come with a backside print and is limited to 100 copies. 


The debut album of his twelve-piece ensemble reflections is going to be released 26.01.2018.


Besides, the website got a new design - you can also find updated concert information, photos and audio.