18/09/20 - Receiving Leipzig award for young jazz musicians (Leipziger Jazznachwuchspreis der Marion-Ermer-Stiftung)


It’s official - I’m going to receive this year’s Jazznachwuchspreis (award for young jazz musicians) of the city of Leipzig, funded by Marion Ermer foundation. You can find the official press release here (in German).

I’m still overwhelmed and incredibly thankful for all the support I receive from many people and institutions. However, the most important people are those who bring this lunatic idea of a large ensemble to life with unbelievable commitment and selflessness:


Erik Leuthäuser | Vincent Hahn | Antonia Hausmann | Matti Oehl | Johannes Moritz | Franziska Ludwig | Volker Heuken | Markus Rom | Paul Brauner | Christian Dähne | Maximilian Stadtfeld | Nico Teichmann


Many thanks to Georg Demel | Lisa Zwinzscher | Joshua Lutz | Philipp Rohmer | Philipp Scholz | Sebastian Wehle - for supporting the project with regularity and overwhelming dedication as well as to many other people who were part of this exciting journey. Last but not least thanks to Denovali for being such an important part within this crazy thing.


By playing a laureate concert with my ensemble we'll have the fortunate opportunity of opening the Leipzig Jazzfestival - 11th october at UT Connewitz (Tickets / infos available here).


I would be tremendously happy to meet a lot of you there.

My acknowledgements are going to you as well as to a lot of other companions. Hugs, Philipp

18/07/06 - new video: philipp rumsch ensemble, reflections: part I.


Second video from our concert at UT Connewitz, Leipzig out now via Denovali. 

Thanks to everybody who were with us that evening.


Tobias Schütze – camera, cut 

Martin Ludewig – camera 

Nico Teichmann – recording, mix


18/06/26 - new video: philipp rumsch ensemble, reflections: prologue.


New video out on Youtube via Denovali. Filmed and recorded 21 February 2018 at UT Connewitz, Leipzig.

Shot and cut by Tobias Schütze.