Fhlaipw - Philipp Rumsch, Arpen, Jörg Wähner and Andi Rueckel present a new audiovisual project that combines voice, sound surfaces and repetitive rhythms with analytical, generative design.


In large forms, the focus on gradual developments and sudden reversals within musical ideas stands ambivalently side by side. Rhythmic elements and beats function less as rigid, steady pulses, but represent evolving structures of various patterns. Arpen's voice is decoupled from the concept of a conventional voice by various alienation, and adds a contrapuntal narrative level to the sound through the usage of text.


The visualization of the auditory results from the processing of the acoustic signals, which are analyzed by a neural network and learned by machine. These artificial impressions generate, manipulate and destroy color and form in digital space.


#FFF8E7 is the first track by Fhlaipw within a cycle of compositions that exposes extraordinary color values. Long structures with extensive, slow variations are interrupted suddenly by vigorous cuts. Sonic aesthetics facing each other like theses. 


Because we. Hier. All are am. Sustaining.

Everybody is.


Arpen - vocals, synths 

Philipp Rumsch - synths, computer 

Jörg Wähner - drums 

Andi Rueckel - visual design