Based on the idea to transfer the sonic language of ambient, minimal music and pop to an orchestral format, the ensemble of the Leipzig based composer and piano player Philipp Rumsch was founded in 2015. Philipp Rumsch extended this aesthetic approach with the principle of improvisation as well as with various compositional techniques and methods coming from contemporary classical music. 


In the music, which results out of this process, he explores both the reduction to sound and repetitive structures but also its integration within the context of experimental popular music. The lapse of stylistic boundaries as well as of composition and improvisation creates a music in which dense atmosphere and strong suggestive power stands equally next to subtle intimacy and the concentration on structure.


Twelve musicians from the classical, jazz and pop music scenes from Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden and Weimar are shaping a unusual and thus open up new sonic expressions which are connecting seemingly contrary musical gestures.


The debut album reflections is going to be released on Denovali Records 26.01.2018 on Vinyl, CD and digital 


Erik Leuthäuser - vocals

Vincent Hahn - flugelhorn, trumpet

Antonia Hausmann - trombone

Matti Oehl - alto saxophone

Johannes Moritz - clarinet, bass clarinet

Franziska Ludwig - violoncello

The Road Up North - vibraphone, live electronics

Markus Rom - electric guitar

Paul Brauner - double bass

Christian Dähne - electric bass

Max Stadtfeld - drums

Philipp Rumsch - ciano, composition, conductorship